Recent News

August 3, 2017: Breeze Gets An Invite To Eukanuba

Breeze has been invited to the AKC National in Orlando, FL. for obedience!

July 21, 2017: Andrew, Breeze and Bess Try Out Trick

Last night the three amigo's went to their first trick dog class at Piedmont Kennel Club.  The kids were awesome.  Andrew got his (TKN) Novice Trick Dog title!  Breeze got her (TKN) Novice Trick Dog title!  And the most amazing girl Bess got her (TKN), (TKI) Intermediate AND went on to get her (TKA) Advanced Trick Dog title! 

July 17, 2017: Andrew Titles in Rally

Andrew had a good weekend. He got his Rally Advanced title with two scores of 96 out of 100. What a guy!!